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    Can Travel With Team For Sideline Assistance

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  • About Us:

  • I have been playing elite ultimate for over 10 years, while being a strength and conditioning coach for the same amount of time. Originally from Ottawa, Ontario, I have been living and working in Vancouver for the past 5 years, playing with and training Vancouver's men's team- Furious George.

  • Approach to Training:

  • Throughout my career I have gained a wealth of experience when it comes to training ultimate players specifically. We have an extremely unique skill set that changes from player to player that transcends traditional position-based S&C. Everything under my philosophy circles back to questioning "what are we trying to achieve". This may differ greatly from player to player, and so should programming. A training program should be assembled based on physical and goal assessments, and customized for that athlete. There are a lot of youtube videos, online programs, and generic team programs out there that are easy to obtain, low cost, and low reward. I want all my athletes to develop a greater understanding of their bodies, their goals, and the process that will lead them to achieving goals. This process for me, starts with collecting as much information I can about a client. I then go through an ordered sequence of improving their physical prerequisite biomechanics (mobility), safely introducing and progressing them to loaded movements (S&C) that specifically apply to their target areas of improvement. There is no one size fits all because it's the same sport. Everyone's path is going to be different, but I make sure to put the time and energy into every consultation to give you the best service I can possibly provide.

  • Gender:

  • Male

  • Ultimate Experience:

  • I began playing club Ultimate with Phoenix in Ottawa from 2009 to 2015. From 2015 to present I have played with Furious George in Vancouver. I have competed at two World Club Championships, two USAU Nationals, one World Under 23 Championship, and have won the Canadian Ultimate Championship in the Open, and College divisions.

  • Years of Coaching/Training Experience:

  • 10

  • Training / Health Certifications:

  • Certified Personal Training Certificate - National Academy of Sports Medicine. Functional Range Mobility Specialist- Functional Range Conditioning. Fascial Stretch Therapist (level 2) - Fascial Stretch Therapy.

  • Cost Structure:

  • Both Subscription and Per Session Available

  • Cost Per Session:

  • $80

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