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  • Jon DeMoss has a B.S. in kinesiology and 12 years as a strength and conditioning coach. His unique programing maximizes strength gains while simultaneously maintaining ROM, teaching resilience, and anticipating needs of his athletes. He has pioneered a method that draws individuals from all ages and athletic backgrounds to recover from their aches and pains and live a healthy, athletic life. Madison Tomasek has a B.S. in Biochemistry and has 1.5 years experience working under and with Jon in regards to strength training. She has 6+ years as a swim instructor, and founded and coached a women's ultimate team at her Alma mater, UTD, and spent 4 years involved in program design for ultimate teams. Having recovered from her own overuse injury using Jon's methodology due to her experience playing with Texas Showdown, she brings direct knowledge and experience of the sport into the strength program.

  • Approach to Training:

  • Synergy W&P is a small-group fitness studio that takes a holistic approach to pain-free fitness. Each member's experience is designed to develop their current abilities to reach their unique goals. We emphasize breath awareness and control, joint mobility, building strength and power, with aerobic conditioning and active recovery built into the plan. Exercise modifications are utilized to reduce wear-and-tear and avoid compromised positions that lead to compensations and asymmetries. All members are educated on how the body operates and effective strategies for body maintenance to avoid aches and pains as a result of competitive play.

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  • Various Gendered Trainers Available

  • Ultimate Experience:

  • Jon has been training Ultimate players for 5 years at Synergy. Before Madison became a coach, she was a member recovering from her injury. Not only did Jon have a direct influence on her recovery, he has coached 5 club national level players as well as local level players. Our standard training is in gym, but before covid we were hosting 1x week track and field training in our Pre-Season Ultimate program. Jon's on-field workout experience includes 7 years as a varsity high school Strength and Conditioning coach; emphasizing proper conditioning and speed/agility training. Madison has played ultimate for 11 years, founding a women's team at UTD, and played at Nationals twice, once in 2015 with Texas Showdown, and after her recovery, with Public Enemy in 2019. Having coached and captained her college team, in addition to captaining Maeve before PE, her intimate knowledge of the sport gives her a unique perspective on how to integrate strength training into an ultimate player's repertoire.

  • Years of Coaching/Training Experience:

  • 12

  • Training / Health Certifications:

  • Jon: B.S. Kinesiology; NSCA- Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist; Functional Range Conditioning Specialist; Kinstretch; Original Strength; Art of Breath; Strong First Kettlebell and Bodyweight; Animal flow; Functional Movement Systems Madison: B.S. Biochemistry, NASM-Performance Enhancement Specialist

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  • 6am-noon Monday-Friday; 3pm-7pm Monday-Thursday; 8am-11 am Saturday

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  • $150

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