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  • Hi! I'm Kristen. I have been practicing yoga since she was 14 for the physical benefits. I was diagnosed with hyper-mobility at a young age and I was unable to partake in sports without pinching a nerve. Yoga was a solution to help build core strength so I could partake in sports without being in pain. Yoga has been an outlet for me both mentally and physically throughout my whole adult life, and has provided me with a safe place to return to when things are out of control. I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) at the 200 level and am certified to teach multi style yoga and Yin Yoga. I am the Founder and Owner of Zen Lab, LLC, where I teach various levels of yoga, meditation, and breath work to my students online. I have students who like to work with me one-on-one, as well as in a virtual group setting. Zen Lab offers customized individual private sessions for groups and individuals, and daily live yoga classes all via Zoom on Zen Lab's website. My mission is to reduce socioeconomic and physical barriers to yoga. I understand that yoga in western culture is expensive and isn't accessible to all. Without the confines and walls of a studio, we can practice yoga anywhere or anytime. I seek to bring a personal and unique approach to your online yoga practice, and I strive to teach intimate classes with high-quality video while keeping class prices and private sessions far less expensive than in-studio classes or in person sessions.

  • Approach to Training:

  • The practice of yoga is extremely personal. The core of my teaching is to provide a safe place for you to explore your yoga practice, whether it be the beginning of your journey, or you are in the middle of it. Teaching yoga to my students is about getting to share our unique journeys and experiences in a safe and welcoming environment. When training for a sport, we sometimes can lose our connection with the body. When we don't listen to our body, that is when injuries or burnout can happen because we "push through" or "ignore" our pain/discomfort. In my practice, we go deeper into the mind body connection, give ourselves a chance to listen to what the body is telling us, so we can have a better relationship with our body and have a deeper understanding of what the body is communicating to us. My approach in working with athlete's doesn't require me to shift my practice. The tools provided by practicing yoga have been proven to assist athletes in achieving optimal athletic performance no matter what sport they are training for. Some of the benefits are an increase in balance, stability, core strength, overall mental and physical strength, endurance, flexibility, injury prevention, and rest/recovery. Yoga, like many other cross-training methods, generally should have an inverse relationship to your training. For example, if you are in the middle of your season and training is very heavy, gentle yoga classes such as restorative or yin yoga can be added (not replacing) to your training methods to help speed up the recovery process in the body to help prevent injury and prepare you for your training more efficiently. If you are in the off-season and training isn't as rigorous, you can challenge yourself with a strength building power yoga or vinyasa. The beautiful thing about yoga is there is no one-size-fits-all. It is personal to your own needs. I am committed to helping students develop their practice in a way that promotes your evolution and growth as an athlete.

  • Gender:

  • Female

  • Ultimate Experience:

  • I played for Michigan State University from 2009-2012. After that I continued to play for various mixed teams out of Indianapolis and Chicago. I played for Steamboat and Indianapolis Red in 2018 and 2019. As I mentioned, the tools provided by practicing yoga have been proven to assist athletes in achieving optimal athletic performance. I have worked with semi-professional ultimate frisbee athletes who are looking to build strength and endurance in the off-season, and rest and restoration while in-season.

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  • 1

  • Training / Health Certifications:

  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate 20hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certificate

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  • Both Subscription and Per Session Available

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  • $20

  • Cost Per Session:

  • $25

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