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  • Everyone knows there is agreed-upon technique for efficiently shooting a basketball, hitting a baseball, swinging a golf club, sprinting, or performing in almost any other sport. We believe the same holds true for ultimate frisbee throwing mechanics, and we are here to coach them. We believe that proper throwing development and coaching needs to be an individualized and one-on-one experience. General programs and drills have been tried and proven ineffective. For a player to truly master their mechanics they need to work intimately with a coach who can analyze their form, give them cues based on their own personal mechanics, and craft drills specific to their form. Players are different - they develop unique habits and have different levels of mobility and structural builds. If you are wanting to take your game and your throwing to the next level, cookie-cutter plans just will not do it. You need a coach who can tailor a program to your specific needs.

  • Approach to Training:

  • Our approach to throwing training is to come up with unique and creative drills that bias your body into using better technique. One of the biggest downfalls of the current approach to training and learning how to throw in ultimate is that it is not nuanced enough. In any other sport, people spend countless hours refining very specific aspects of their technique. In ultimate the status quo is often, “throw a lot and you will eventually figure it out”. Considering most people are not taught proper mechanics to begin with, this means countless players spend significant time practicing and solidifying poor throwing mechanic habits. For a player wanting to improve, this is both inefficient and limiting to their abilities. We are here to change that. Our coaching is designed to train proper technique and help you reach your potential as a thrower.

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  • Female

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  • Jamie start playing competitive ultimate at UT-Dallas in August 2015. In January of 2016 she dedicated herself to throwing every day for 100 days in a row. From that point on, she developed a passion for learning more about proper throwing technique and refining her throwing skills. This perseverance and dedication helped her make the team rosters for Texas Showdown, the elite women's club team in Texas; Dallas Public Enemy, the elite mixed team based out of DFW; and Austin Torch, the first Texas women's professional ultimate team. Jamie brings a creative, dedicated, and detailed approach to the skill development of those she coaches. Harrison has studied ultimate and throwing mechanics intensively. He currently coaches Dallas Public Enemy and the Western Ultimate League's Arizona Sidewinders. Harrison won Ultiworld's 2nd Runner-Up Coach of the Year for the 2019 Mixed division after coaching Public Enemy, who wasn't expected to qualify for Nationals, to a 7th place finish. He brings a modern and intelligent approach to ultimate training and throwing skills development.

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  • 3

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  • None

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  • $100

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  • $40

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