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  • We believe in making it safe to strive, and as natural as breathing to uplift. Everyone deserves to feel safe and supported as an athlete and a person. Safety is one of our most basic human needs. What sets Strive & Uplift apart from other gym communities and programming is our commitment to create and maintain a safe and supportive space for our athletes. We do this by... Using inclusive and non-gendered language in our classes and programming, and providing modifications for every body & ability. Constantly asking for feedback and listening to concerns from our members. Actively engaging in dialogue with people who are working with oppressed populations to learn more about how to better embrace and amplify those voices. Addressing safety issues, both physical and emotional, that crop up in our work and virtual spaces in a transparent and thoughtful way across multiple platforms. Highlighting marginalized people’s athletic and human efforts and successes in and out of health & fitness, whether or not they’re connected to us or our programming. Using, revising and updating our “Whole Athlete” protocol – education and engagement around topics of mental health, nutrition, recovery, and self-care. Doing the hard work on ourselves as coaches and humans, and supporting each other in that work! We offer online programs for ultimate players that fit your life, including during a pandemic when access to gyms is difficult, all on flexible pricing models to ensure everyone has access to high-quality, whole athlete content. We work as a team of seven coaches to bring you our very best with expertise ranging from strength training, speed and agility, Olympic lifting, Pilates, mental health, yoga, and more. The lead coaches for our ultimate programming are Ren Caldwell and Bert Abbott. Ren has over 20 years of experience in the field and has worked with athletes of all levels, ages, and identities. Ren was on the forefront of shaping the field of strength & conditioning for ultimate and continues to drive the profession to greater and more inclusive heights. Bert is a former secondary science teacher and captained Seattle Mixtape to a Triple Crown tour win; she brings that and 5 years in the Strength & Conditioning field to bring integrated and applicable strength, field work, and body care to on-field performance and injury reduction. Our online programs include: Memberships for Strength & Conditioning (including gym-free options) for club, college, masters, and womxns pro seasons; Advanced Programming for experienced lifters who need a little extra training stimulus to get to the next level; Return to Performance Program for post-partum athletes; Core Challenge Program to connect and integrate you to your core; Youth Movement Snacks for young athletes, specifically designed for the pandemic life; Fundamentals Course (coming soon!) for athletes just starting their training journey.

  • Approach to Training:

  • We believe in making training accessible! This means redistributing wealth through flexible pricing, first and foremost. It means bringing you gym-free programming well before the pandemic struck since not everyone has access to barbells and benches. It means lowering barriers to entry through athlete education, offering multiple movement options for different bodies, and providing advanced programming options for more experienced lifters. It means coach interaction through our Slack community, email, and more in-depth virtual consults to ensure all athletes are cared for. We also offer 1:1 and group training by corona-conscious means, whether here in Seattle or around the world. We believe in caring for the whole athlete. We acknowledge the interweaving roles of physical, mental, emotional, and social health and how training for ultimate fits into the overall health of an athlete. We interweave themes of stress, hydration, and nutrition into framing for workout programming. All our programs have integrated core strengthening, soft tissue, and mobility work to keep your joints moving and your powerhouse strong. We bring our years of experience in the game to coach toward the game -- providing the "why" for strength and running technique progressions. We partner closely with injury rehab specialists who work with the ultimate community to embed injury reduction work throughout our programming.

  • Gender:

  • Female

  • Ultimate Experience:

  • Our team of coaches brings over 50 years of collective experience in ultimate. We have been players, captains, team coaches, and strength & conditioning coaches at every level of the game, from middle school to masters, league to Nationals, and in every division of play. We live and breathe this sport, and are so grateful to be able to give back to ultimate even a portion of what it has given us. This experience combined with our expertise as strength & conditioning professionals means we understand exactly what it takes to shake off your defender, shut down a cut, rip a huck, and win a sky battle. We know how it feels to hit the end of Saturday and the need to take care of your body to be fresh for bracket play. We also understand the meaning of teams and community to our lives, and what it takes to foster healthy communication.

  • Years of Coaching/Training Experience:

  • 23

  • Training / Health Certifications:

  • Ren: NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist Functional Movement Screening Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor; Bert: NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach NSPA Certified Speed & Agility Coach ALTIS Foundations; Kira: Basi Pilates Instructor; Allison: NASM CPT CPC ELI-MP CHEK Exercise Coach CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach; Liz: NASM CPT FRCms Kettlebell Sport Coach; Becca: Pilates Instructor ACE Group Fitness Pilates for Neurological Disorders; Dominique: E-RYT 500 Yoga Tune Up® Certified Instructor NASM CPT

  • Cost Structure:

  • Both Subscription and Per Session Available

  • Cost Per Month:

  • $8

  • Cost Per Session:

  • $40

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