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  • Hi! I'm Melissa. For the past 10 years, the UAP has focused relentlessly on helping athletes and coaches reach their full potential. If you’d like to learn how to use mental training techniques to unleash your untapped potential, please be in touch!

  • Approach to Training:

  • This 8 week program is specifically for athletes with big goals. If you are looking to earn a spot on a higher level team, earn more playing time, or carry your team further than it's gone before, this program is for you. In this program we take a deep dive into your goals and create a complete plan to help you achieve them. We approach you as a whole athlete, covering everything from your mental game, to your athletic performance, to your game IQ. We make special use of visualization and mental training techniques which you will learn over 8 weeks with one on one coaching. This program includes: - 8 weeks of one on one coaching - a full year of access to a complete strength and conditioning program - a full year access to our skills and techniques program - a full year's access to all of our coaching and game IQ resources - mentorship calls with elite athletes and coaches as needed The cost of this program is $6000. It is an investment that will bring real change your ultimate career and to your ability to achieve the large goals in your life. This particular program isn't the right fit for everyone. You can see more options on our website where we provide skills and athletic performance programs that are highly practical, highly affordable, and easy to use.

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  • Female

  • Ultimate Experience:

  • Melissa has been coaching ultimate at various levels since 2001. Through the UAP we've helped over 10,000 athletes unleash their athletic potential and have a bigger impact on the ultimate field.

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  • 20

  • Training / Health Certifications:

  • Masters degree Kinesiology

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  • Both Subscription and Per Session Available

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    Premium Course Review

    January 28, 2021

    The mental strength and visualisation tools I learned through Melissa’s Premium UAP program have seen a material impact on my on-field ultimate performance and allowed me the confidence to play at both higher levels on the field, and off the field in unexpected areas of my life too.

    I went from lacking confidence about my unique skills/role to being able to question my own negative self-talk and asking “what does ‘good enough’ even look like?” to getting my first clean layout D (and from the mark no less!). It’s been a roller-coaster ride of personal discovery and if you’re up to playing a big game or extending yourself, this is the course for you. Walking into it not knowing exactly what I would get out of it allowed me to reach levels I never would have expected!

    Drew Wiseham

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