Trainer Listing Best Practices

While there is room for creativity in marketing your services on TrainForUltimate, there are a few best practices that we recommend in order to have your profile approved for listing.

  1. Spend some time on your profile. You can choose to go into more or less depth than other listings, but we want to make sure that athletes can gain a good understanding of your unique services. In order to achieve this, trainers and coaches are encouraged to write multiple sentences where applicable (ex: About Us, Approach To Training)
  2. Upload pictures. Action shots of yourself and clients, in addition to headshots are encouraged.
  3. Encourage existing and previous clients to create accounts and leave reviews. Reviews are one way to differentiate yourself from other trainers. Think of it like a restaurant on Yelp gaining a strong reputation through reviews.

Once your profile is filled out and you click “Preview” followed by “Submit Listing”, the site admins will review the profile. Profiles will be approved based on sufficiency of information provided about your services and business. If admins feel that your profile is lacking adequate information for creating a helpful and quality user experience we will email you back asking for you to add or expand on your profile submission and resubmit for approval.